> Prof

"Julie est une prof géniale, passionnée, à l’écoute de ses élèves. Ses cours sont funs, variés, et le parfait équilibre entre technique et chorégraphie. J’ai découvert grâce à Julie des styles complètement différents, dont on devient vite accro !" - Clémence Carlinet, France

"Julie’s dance lessons are a perfect balance of inspiring and challenging – perfect for a never danced before beginner – to a seasoned pro. Her passion for teaching is like no other and it’s not often you can go to one teacher for so many different dance styles. Julie is one of the most talented dancers and teachers I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from and I would definitely recommend any one of her classes!" - Nicole Drummond, Nouvelle-Zélande

"Julie is amazing. She completely re-inspired my love for dance. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and she's such a wealth of knowledge of all things dance related. I've improved so much in technique thanks to her as well as learning a whole variety of new dance styles that I'd never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. She's taught me to be confident in myself both on and off stage and for that I will always be grateful. I love every class she teaches - going to the studio is the best part of my day." - Maree Hawkins, Nouvelle-Zélande

"I started dancing as an adult student, and was anxious that my lack of experience would mean I was not able to following the classes and keep up. Julie makes you feel so comfortable in class, she takes the time to make sure you understand the dance terms and movements, and to give feedback so you can improve your technique and performance.
She keeps the classes fun and enjoyable while exploring different styles and encouraging students go outside their comfort zone. I would definitely recommend Julie's classes to both new and experienced dancers." - Kat Wells, Nouvelle-Zélande

"Julie Anterrieu was my teacher to Jazz, Contemporary and Broadway during 2008-2017.
She was an inspiring and gentle teacher. She taught me the foundation and techniques. She inspired me through her creativity. Her choreography is sincere and emotive. Julie is a purist, always respecting the origins of dance and artists before her. She made sure to provide me and fellow students the context and origins of the dance in every class.
Her charisma also extends to the wider dance community, she brought everyone together and grew a community that wasn't there before. With her gentleness and patience, she's able to help students reach their potentials. She has left a void in our lives when she left New Zealand." - Ling Nieh, Nouvelle-Zélande

> Mariages

"Julie was a lifesaver! Less than a month before our wedding, without any dancing experience or any rhythm, we began our first lesson with Julie. A few weeks later we were dancing off into the sunset. Thank you Julie." Meghan & Nick, Nouvelle-Zélande

"The dance went really well and our guests absolutely loved it! You can hear them in one of the videos cheering us on. We loved doing the dance and along with the Ceremony it was one of the main highlights of our day! So thank you very much for your patience in teaching us and also choreographing such an awesome dance for us." - Jane & Matt, Nouvelle-Zélande

"We had a 80s themed wedding and Julie choreographed the most fun dance for us. It literally made people cry. Plus she's lovely and great to work with." - Michele & Will, Nouvelle-Zélande

"Our family and friends loved our wedding dance and we had so much fun dancing together as a newly married couple. Julie was easily able to accommodate lessons with our busy pre-wedding schedule and was very easy to communicate with. We really enjoyed practicing and learning together, we laughed and had a lot of fun in the process. We couldn't recommend Julie enough, she's professional, fun and really listens to what you want as a couple." - Elysia & Kaleb, Nouvelle-Zélande

"I would just like to say thanks very much for the dance instructions that you gave LeeAnn and myself. We weren't perfect on the night but we had a lot of fun both learning and doing the dance and out guests were both surprise and impressed as they were expecting nothing more than a 2-step shuffle!" - LeeAnn & Justin, Nouvelle-Zélande

"Everyone was thrilled with our first dance (and they said they could tell we had 'lots' of practice!). Thank you! We really enjoyed working with you!" - Jennifer & Emil, Nouvelle-Zélande

"Just wanted to say thank you for your classes and your patience. The dance was a hit, everybody congratulated us!" - Elisa & Thomas, Espagne

"The dance went really well too! The crowd LOVED it! Thanks again for all your help; the dance was great and really helped kick off what was a really successful night of dancing" - Caro & Rob, Nouvelle-Zélande

> Productrice / Directrice artistique

"I have worked alongside Julie on various shows, whether private performance requests, showcases or festival events, and have seen her work between the roles of performer and producer on many occasions.

Julie is a very dedicated performer and producer, and always maintains a professional attitude. She takes the time to check arrangements for all aspects of a show, from lighting to sound to the conditions of the stage, and will do her best to make arrangements to suit all performers.

Julie will consider both her requirements as an artist, and those of the supporting performers, and always ensures everyone is included in the organisation of her shows to enable everyone to give 100% energy and focus to the audience, and to perform to the best of their ability." - Kat Wells, Nouvelle-Zélande

> C.V. professionnels

- Générique | maj. dec. 2017
- Prof | maj. dec. 2017
- Danseuse | maj. dec. 2017
- Chorégraphe/Directrice artistique | maj. dec. 2017

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- Julie. A Dance
- Coney Bow
- Mariages
- Burlesquercise France
- The Roaring Antoinettes

- Julie. A Dance
- Coney Bow
- The Roaring Antoinettes

- Julie. A Dance
- Coney Bow